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Our nonprofit is working under these licensed and Bylaws & Constitution of our nonprofit Etc

Our purpose of GCPTALKS

Updates of all that we're about and more: As we are established to carry out in licensed and by our Bylaws.

Media Coverage TV/ Radio

Ambassadors advocating for American society and allies of America

Charitable. Fundraising. Multipurpose Nonprofit: Arts Entertainment. Feeding the Poor. Supporting the Homelessness. Giving Aid to USA-allies, poor State. Fundraiser for COVID-19. Fundraiser for causes. Elders Committee Programs. Food Pantry Programs. Youth Committee Programs. Youth Sports development programs. GCPTALKS, to foster national or international amateur sports competition. Agriculture Farming. Food Pantry members. Fundraiser for diseases. Donation Programs. Sales. Gifts. Contributions programs. International Arts Entertainment for causes. GCPTALKS additional Programs and projects established By Founder and President Garth Thompson


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