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Welcome, all charity-minded songwriters globally. Our GCPTALKS nonprofit organization of the United


Talented Artists Materials are essential. Become a songwriter for charity.

Writer for GCPTALKS Charity outreach.

Talented Artists songwriters join for a cause.

Who can write for charity?

It's time to reveal your writing skills for a good cause, so it's your call as a songwriter for the GCPTALKS charity.


First, you must be a member of the website, and when your song is to your satisfaction notified, GCPTALKS by email to learn what to do next.

JOIN Anywhere, you are in the world

If you're pursuing your dreams and looking to find an escape in your genre pursuits, then welcome! Have a look around and join the conversations. You're being called on to write a song for charity.

Charity presentation shirt line for a cause!

Your materials will be presented on the website for reviews and promotions and defiantly interviews and more.

It's a writer's call benefiting those of dire needs.

Find more writers like yourself and join today? Become SONGWRITER FOR A NOBLE CAUSE.

It's a human support effort to aid humanity cry

Use this link to click to your page or details about this campaign. Push yourself to help make a difference. Comment, You are our potential charity member of interest Buy Now or Subscribe.

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