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Kingston Jamaica West Indies

The news about Jamaica, magnitude earthquake 5.6

As to Earthquake in Jamaica: 5.4 magnitude tremble reported but no reports of casualties, serious damage.

My heart goes "out" to Jamaica, West Indies, for its population of over 2.828 million who have experienced an earthquake of 5.6 magnitude reported. I am happy to learn that there were no casualties, this only leaves us to imagine the emergency aid needed for most of the island. With that "being" said, a lot of thinking is on many minds when it comes to building in hilly terrain zones and other levels that can't withstand an earthquake of this magnitude. My greatest hope is that no life has been lost in this earthquake as it did in Port Royal in June 1692.

Jamaica West Indie "Port Royal" was destroyed by an earthquake. At the height of its glittering wealth -on June 7, 1692, Port Royal was consumed by an earthquake, and two-thirds of the town sank into the sea.

Jamaica hilly terrain is now a considering fact to safety review government need to make sure safely guilds lines are being followed.

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