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Guest Host Jerome Prince

Jerome Prince is a British Model and Actor A former Mr Southampton finalist.

Known for his roles in Films such as Mosa (2010), Self Made (2010), and Eva's Diamond (2013)

Jerome Christopher Prince born September 27th 1984 in Kingston to Jamaican Parents Sonia Bryan and Allan Prince.

Prince grew up in Streatham south west London

At age 22 he came Runner up in the Mr Southampton 2006 finals of the first ever Mr England male beauty pageant. Over the years Prince featured in magazines, catalogues and promotional campaigns He also co Starred in the Iris Prize Award winning British short film production "Mosa" in 2010 where he portrayed the role of an egotistical male model called Chris.

In 2017 Prince launched his men's underwear range, he debuts his statement fragrance called "I AM..." And his men skincare range Jerome Prince continues to be a feature in fashion and entertainment and has used that platform to establish himself as an entrepreneur.

Jerome Prince will be traveling from the United Kingdom to be our Guest Host.

JEROME PRINCE, he is our Guest Host for GCPTALKS.ORG

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