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Jones Amankwah boateng, he is our chief board of Director for GCPTALKS, INC

The Chief Board of Director shall work diligently with fellow senior Board of Director and Executive Board of Director on serious matters concerning the non profit corporation, GCPTALKS, INC dealing with America states. And when there is a need to work on issues out of America it must be a request through letter.

Giving the Chamber an understanding of the awareness and its needs. Partner non profit corporation Garth Charity Projects, Inc is seal in to this pledge aid policy. The Chief Board of Director also works with Garth Charity Projects, Inc as the Head Ambassador.

As the Chief Board of Director, part of his job entails to uphold GCPTALKS, Inc policies this is a vital responsibility as well as others. The Chief Board of Director shall review documents and help to bring solutions to department and enforce all policy both new and old. And the constitution. Still, it doesn't end there. The Chief Board of Director votes on polices, shall take an oath, Bring companies to join Us, Help to write documents and review together with the Founder and President. And as well as keep the chamber in order. The chief Board of Director is one of the eyes and ears of GCPTALKS, Inc

The Founder and President install this individual to carry out our polices programs and projects. Your Founder and President shall work and in hands to develop the GCPTALKS, Inc to its full potential.

In GCPTALKS, INC nonprofit corporation, there are three Boards of Director who will be assigned to the chamber and which will be action in the chamber daily more than the Founder and President who is also one of the Board of Director. The three Board of Director shall have a wide range of duties And if they can't fulfill them the Board of Director Clerks- Interns will proceed to take over the task. More Details.

The three Board of Directors shall work on task ahead, Review and help to pass policy directed by the Founder and President, Help Departments trucker ways to give a smooth transaction departments for programs and projects. Passing Policies and amending the constitution.

The Founder and President holds the Director Position and Chair man as well.

The Four Board of Director is gearing towards not only helping the United States of America, but advocating for the Caribbean Island o Jamaica representing the programs and Projects within Garth Charity Projects, Inc This board of Director office must be in Jamaica and as resident holding this position you will be able to work for and with GCPTALKS, Inc You shall be called on for serious voting session and help the procedure of processing documents and making policies.

Our Founder and President, presenting.


Our Chief Board of Director Jones Amankwah Boateng and others